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Smoothies for Every Meal!

At BlendJet, we believe that smoothies can be part of every aspect of your life. Whether you’re having a homemade brunch with the girls and you need a refreshing drink, or you’re packing a smoothie for a post-workout snack, we have tons of recipes for every event, meal, or occasion. Check out our best smoothie recipes to see which combinations we’re absolutely obsessing over!

1. Health & Fitness

You’re looking for smoothies to help you prep for workouts, recover after them, and generally make sure you feel great. These are our top health and fitness smoothie recipes! Enjoy protein shakes, probiotic power, and recovery smoothies!

Strawberries & Cream Protein Shake

If you love strawberries and squats, this is the workout shake for you! Make sure you have enough energy to power through any workout when you combine milk, coconut yogurt, strawberries, protein powder, and a hint of maple syrup into one sweet smoothie.

Detox Power Smoothie

Get your daily serving of veggies, fruit, and essential vitamins with this powerful smoothie mix. With a combination of spinach, banana, frozen berries, chia seeds, and peanut butter, you’re getting healthy ingredients and delicious flavor in this smoothie recipe.

Pre-Workout Smoothie

There’s something ‘berry’ energizing about the combination of berries, bananas, oats, and cinnamon. With this smoothie, your workouts will feel like a breeze! Drink one before heading to the gym and get the most out of every minute!

Prebiotic Probiotic Smoothie

Your gut health is just as important as your muscle health, so take care of your whole body with a stomach healing smoothie recipe that features coconut kefir, mango, strawberries, hemp seeds, and sweet agave!

Post-Workout Protein Smoothie

You don’t just need a smoothie before your workout! You should have one after too! A post-workout smoothie can maximize your recovery and support muscle gain. Try the BlendJet after-workout smoothie for a drink packed with almond milk, bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, and protein powder.

Tropical Workout Smoothie

If you like something a little more tropical in your healthy smoothie recipes, the tropical workout smoothie is for you. Made with one of our JetPacks, all you need to add is coconut water, mango, and banana for a massive punch of flavor!

Post-Workout Recovery Smoothie

You’ve had a challenging workout, and now you need a little recovery boost. Try this lower-carb energy-boosting smoothie with almond milk, almond yogurt, peanut butter, spinach, and frozen bananas. Want to get a little more chocolatey flavor in there? Add some carob seeds for a rich, sweet taste.

Green Smoothie

A green smoothie is a perfect way to detox after indulging in too many sweet treats and carby delights. Start your day fresh with a blend of milk, spinach, kale, banana, mango, and lime. A touch of maple syrup disguises the green flavors and sweetens this smoothie recipe without making it unhealthy.

Very Berry Protein Shake

The combination of berries and protein is one way to really pack your smoothie with flavor and power. Featuring mixed frozen berries, banana, milk, and protein powder, you don’t need much more than this to get some serious gains.

2. Breakfast

Sometimes, cooking a full spread in the morning just isn’t what you want. Whether you’re concerned about too many calories in your meal or you just don’t have time, a breakfast smoothie is a perfect solution to all your morning meal problems!

Berry Blue Smoothie

Get your berry fix with the berry blue smoothie recipe of your dreams. With just three ingredients, you can jet out the door with a healthy meal in minutes. Combine blueberries, strawberries, and almond milk in your BlendJet, and enjoy!

Perfect Peach Smoothie

You want to feel peachy every morning, and this smoothie can help make it happen. Combine peach, banana, milk, and a hint of vanilla to enhance your morning routine! Freeze your peaches the night before, so you don’t need to dilute this smoothie with ice.

Blackberry Breakfast Parfait

Our breakfast parfait gives you a quick and easy recipe that feels a little more substantial than a simple smoothie. Blend yogurt, milk, agave, and blackberries for a simple, delicious, slightly sweet delight!

Chia Berry Smoothie

If you want to take your berry smoothie recipe to the next level, it’s time to add a touch of chia seeds. With just one tablespoon of chia seeds, you get tons of antioxidants, fiber, protein, and omega-3s to support a healthy diet.

Orange Smoothie

Citrus lovers rejoice! We have the perfect citrusy, tropical smoothie recipe for your morning meal. Take our Tropical Immunity Sambazon Pack and throw it in your BlendJet with some banana and pineapple for an irresistible tart and sweet combination.

Berry Breakfast Smoothie

We love combining berries with so many things! So far, you’ve had berries and cream, chia seeds, and yogurt, but what about oatmeal. Try this strawberry and oatmeal combination for the energy you need to carry you through the day.

Açaí Bowl Smoothie

We all love açaí bowls, so BlendJet has transformed your favorite bowl into a smoothie. Get the flavor you’re craving with any type of milk, agave, açaí, and banana in your BlendJet every morning!

3. Snacks

You don’t want a meal, but you’re still looking for a healthy, refreshing treat. These snack smoothie recipes will calm every craving and keep your energy up to prevent an afternoon slump!

Orange Cream Smoothie

Do you love creamsicles? Well, BlendJet is here with a healthier, creamier version! Blend orange juice, banana, coconut yogurt, and vanilla extract to get the same exact flavor as one of the best popsicles around!

Mango Coconut Delight

It’s hot outside, and you need to refresh and rehydrate. Enjoy a tropical delight with mango sorbet, coconut water, and ice all blended together for a drink that’s half a healthy snack and half total indulgence. 

Strawberry Refresher

The perfect drink for summer, we take strawberries to the next level with watermelon and mint in this revitalizing concoction. Try this smoothie recipe to guarantee you stay hydrated and happy in the summer heat.

Unicorn Smoothie

Healthy and playful, the unicorn smoothie is perfect for the whole family. Experiment with new flavors and serve a nourishing dessert with almond milk, the Dragon Fruit JetPack, banana, dragon fruit, whipped cream, and sprinkles on top!

Chocolate Milkshake

A little bit of indulgence can go a long way to satisfying your sweet tooth with this chocolatey smoothie! Take a cheat day when you blend up some chocolate ice cream and almond milk before topping this treat with whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings.

Sunset Slushie

Looking for a healthy slushie to keep the summer heat at bay? Try the sunset slushie smoothie recipe today! All it takes is pineapple, mango, coconut water, and ice to create the perfect drink to celebrate summer.

Easy Orange Julius

An orange julius can really help you keep your family healthy and happy with a delicious, drinkable snack made of fruit and yogurt. Orange juice, banana, and the yogurt of your choice deliver a sweet flavor with a full serving of fruit!

Pumpkin Pie Shake

‘Tis the season for Thanksgiving and pumpkin spice! Give in to the cravings of pumpkin pie without sacrificing your health with this BlendJet smoothie recipe! Milk, banana, coconut yogurt, pumpkin puree, maple syrup, and pumpkin spice give you all the flavor of pie without all the sugar and carbs.

Vegan Eggnog Smoothie

Another holiday recipe to impress your family with a tasty treat, our vegan eggnog includes coconut milk and cream, cashews, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Get into the holiday spirit with a plant-based, alcohol-free nog. Want to make this into an adult beverage? Just add a dash of bourbon!

4. Coffee

Whether you need an energy boost in the morning or something to keep you from napping in the afternoon, coffee is a solution everyone loves. Check out some of our favorite coffee smoothie recipes for the perfect perky treat!

Iced Chai Latte

Are you bored of basic black coffee and milk? Add a little spice to your life with a BlendJet iced chai latte that blends chai tea, milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and maple syrup for the perfect pick-me-up drink!

Mocha Smoothie

Mocha is a delicious flavor option when combined with coffee. Give yourself a reason to jump out of bed with a smoothie that has instant coffee, coconut yogurt, chocolate milk, banana, and maple syrup.

Dalgona Fluffy Coffee

Everyone’s tried the newest coffee craze, but have you? We make creating dalgona coffee easy with our BlendJet! Combine hot water, cane sugar, instant coffee, oat milk, and ice cubes to blend up an ultra-light and fluffy drink.

Morning Coffee Smoothie

Start your day off right with our morning coffee smoothie recipe. Instead of just coffee and milk, add in oatmeal and a frozen banana for a more decadent, filling breakfast drink. You might find you don’t even need breakfast after slurping up this smoothie!

Iced Matcha Latte

Love the energy boost and healthy power you get from matcha tea? Put it in a smoothie with this amazing BlendJet recipe! Almond milk, matcha powder, and agave syrup make the perfect iced tea latte.

Frozen Iced Vanilla Latte

Revolutionize your iced vanilla latte with this healthier BlendJet smoothie recipe! Mix coffee, coconut milk, agave, vanilla extract, vanilla powder, whipped coconut cream, and ice cubes to create a refreshing, energizing combination.

Iced Golden Milk Latte

If you haven’t heard of golden milk yet, it’s the newest addition to the list of antioxidant-rich foods. Add a little extra healthiness to your morning coffee when you blend almond milk, vanilla extract, agave, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper for the ultimate sweet and spicy combo!

Blended Ice Coffee

How do you transform your coffee into a playful adult slushie? Add almond milk, maple syrup, and ice cubes to your morning drink to create the blended ice coffee of your dreams! In just five minutes, you’ll be ready to go with coffee in hand!

Frozen Pumpkin Spice Latte

Is it pumpkin spice season? Forget that sugar-packed, store-bought pumpkin spice latte and try the healthier BlendJet version! With milk, maple syrup, vanilla extract, pumpkin spice, espresso, pumpkin puree, and cinnamon, you’ll feel like you’re drinking the real thing!

White Mocha

White chocolate and mocha always make us think of the holiday season. Whip up this festive coffee drink with our simple BlendJet smoothie recipe! Espresso, milk, and white chocolate syrup help you indulge in something sweet.

Gingerbread Latte

Who could forget gingerbread to complete your holiday drink options? Not us! Discover the gingerbread latte from BlendJet when you mix espresso, milk, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and molasses to fulfill your gingerbread cookie craving!

We’ve Got More for You

With all these smoothie recipe options, you’ll never be at a loss of what to make for breakfast, snacks, or workouts!

Want it to be easier to grab your smoothie and go? BlendJet also offers an even easier way to take your smoothies on the go. For days when you don’t have time to stand around, grab a JetPack pre-prepped smoothie packet and head out the door!

Our smoothie recipes offer you some healthy options as well as a few indulgent delights for every occasion
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