Healthy Blender Recipes to Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track While Traveling

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Today we’re looking at healthy blender recipes for when you’re on vacation or on a business trip!

Traveling can be a real challenge to your diet and fitness regimen, but our number one rule is: Don’t stress out! Stressing out is your enemy. Keeping up your fitness while traveling isn’t actually all that hard. By getting a little exercise, and controlling your cravings with a few of our delicious recipes, you’ll do just fine!

Protein Shakes After Exercise

No need to stop working out when you travel! Just find a good park or trail, or use the hotel gym! And when you’re done, a protein shake after your workout will help get your body’s energy levels back up without adding a lot of calories. Try out these protein-packed, healthy blender recipes:

  • Mocha Protein Shake: A low-calorie, low-sugar chocolate mocha latte that’s high in nutrients? Yes, please! It’s basically the whole point of working out!

  • Vega® Protein & Energy Shake: Vega® makes great nutritional powders that are perfect for your BlendJet®! Packed with nutrients and flavor! One of your top fitness goals to set should always be to find healthy blender recipes that give your body the nutrients and fuel it needs to thrive, and we’re in love with Vega®!

Make It a Meal with BlendJet®

  • Homemade Hummus: We’ve partnered with fitness celeb Jen Selter to bring you some amazing BlendJet® recipes that not only taste great but will help you stay healthy. This yummy hummus is an amazing pick-me-up at snack time, or makes a nutritious light lunch!

  • Banana Pancakes: Here’s another delicious and healthy blender recipe courtesy of Jen Selter. You make the batter for these scrumptious banana pancakes right in the blender! They’re great on camping trips, beach parties, and anywhere you want pancakes on the go and have a stove or griddle!

JetPacks™: Delicious New Single-Serve Fitness Goals to Set!

Have you tried our new JetPacks™ single-serve instant mixes? They’re the perfect way to help maintain your fitness while traveling because they offer healthy alternatives to fast-food restaurants and those hotel breakfast pastries when you travel.

Just toss one into your BlendJet®, add some water, and blend! JetPacks™ are the ultimate in portable, healthy blender recipes!

Get Your Own BlendJet® Today!

Hopefully, you can see now just how easy it is to keep up your fitness while traveling! BlendJet®’s convenience and versatility do most of the work for you! Just pop your BlendJet® in your bag when you travel, and you’re all set!

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