New! BlendJet 2 Just Dropped

three BlendJet 2s on counter with a variety of fruit in them

BlendJet 2 Features:

  • 33% Bigger than the Original

  • TurboJet Technology 

  • Food Processing

  • Water-Resistant

  • USB-C Charging 

  • Quiet & Cordless

  • Self-Cleaning

  • Locks with Ease

Big Blender Power on the Go 

BlendJet 2 is powerful, portable, convenient, durable, and easy to clean, designed by the creators of BlendJet - The Original Portable Blender®. Enjoy your BlendJet 2 from a mountaintop or your kitchen countertop — it delivers all of the benefits of a big blender and food processor on-the-go so you can make more recipes with more freedom.

5X More Blending Power with TurboJet Technology

Stainless steel blades are offset from the center of the base to create a tornado effect that slams ingredients into the back of the jar at 275 revolutions per second to crush ice, turn carrots into juice, and turn a whole, unpeeled lime into fresh lime juice in seconds.

Be Your Own Barista, Bartender & Shake-Maker

Check out BlendJet 2 recipes to make perfect smoothies, milkshakes, protein shakes, slushies, dips, dressings, hummus and guacamole recipes, mixed cocktails, and coffee drinks.  

Food Processing Perfected

We’re really excited about this BlendJet 2 feature: with a double-press of the power button, BlendJet 2 transforms into a powerful food processor that pulverizes ingredients when you hold down the button. Make the perfect chunky guacamole, baby food, salsa, dip, or pesto dressing.

Blend Outside, Poolside...Anywhere

Take BlendJet 2 with you to the park, the office, the gym, or on a desert island vacation. In the wilderness...why not? You’ll love how easily BlendJet 2 becomes an essential part of your everyday routine, helping you live healthier and happier. It takes up minimal space in your bag or on a countertop and is water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about getting water in the USB-C port while lounging at the beach or washing it in a locker room sink. The illuminated power button lets you blend, charge, and lock in the dark, so you can even take it camping. How cool is that?

Flavor on the Fly

Get more convenience with BlendJet 2 recipes when you use JetPack Ready to Blend Smoothies. Each pre-made, vitamin-rich pack empowers you to make a rich, creamy, nourishing shake with only water, even if you do not have access to a fridge. Made from freeze-dried fruit to lock in peak flavor and nutrients, you can customize all six flavors by adding your favorite yogurt, granola, and toppings.


Cordless & Quiet

BlendJet 2 features next-generation big blender power without the high-decibel sound. 


Spins itself clean with a drop of soap and water - just hit blend to keep your BlendJet 2 sparkling on the go.


Markings on the 16 oz. jar lets you measure ingredients consistently.

USB-C Rechargeable

Get 15 full blends from one-hour of charging with any USB-C durable, reversible port (cable included).

Locks With Ease

BlendJet 2 features a lock mode when you hold down the power button - this allows you to safely carry BlendJet 2 in your bag and sip straight from the jar.

16 Crush-Worthy Colors

Available in a full spectrum of vibrant shades. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try BlendJet 2 risk-free, or your money back. Offer available exclusively at

FREE 2-Day Shipping

We take pride in handling our own shipping, development, and customer service. BlendJet is headquartered in California with partners around the world.

From the creators of The Original Portable Blender®, our next-generation blender is here and it’s second to none. Check out BlendJet 2’s features and recipes.
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