Healthy Chocolate Shake Recipes That Are Blender-Perfect

Red BlendJet on a counter next to a chocolate shake and surrounded by chocolate and cocoa powder

There are countless reasons to reach for chocolate, beyond the pure joy it promises. The darker the chocolate (less milk and sugar, more cocoa), the richer the health benefits, so go on and customize these blender-friendly healthy chocolate shake recipes as you wish.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe - Perfect for a sweet little after-dinner indulgence, made from completely plant-based ingredients and our signature JetPack ready-to-blend smoothie mix.

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe - A rich, creamy, and classic BlendJet Recipe that serves up fun for the entire family. Perfect with burgers and fries (the vegan kind, of course!).

Cadbury Nut Butter Fluff Shake - This crowd-pleaser features a recipe for making your own caramel from vegan, plant-based ingredients. What could go better with chocolate?

Sip some chocolate before you take a test and see what kind of brilliance unfolds. Chocolate’s bioactive compounds help conquer stress by increasing levels of anandamide, a lipid that activates brain receptors that help you feel cool, calm, collected, and a little more ready to take on the unexpected. Chocolate empowers you to think more clearly without the cloudiness. Flavonols boost blood circulation in the brain — which can improve cognitive functioning. 

Cocoa—especially dark chocolate—packs a whammy of natural antioxidants more powerful than apples, black tea, and red wine. Speaking of anti-aging superpowers, it can make your workouts more effective, improving blood flow, boosting energy, and improving metabolism. 

It increases levels of dopamine ever so minutely, essentially activating the brain's reward center just like a first crush. You’d have to eat a lot to affect your libido, but it’s still worth mentioning...

You see, a little indulgence is good for whatever ails you. Give our healthy chocolate shake recipes a try.

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