BlendJet & Chill: Fun Date Night Ideas at Home

Family is everything. Netflix is the new night out. And staying in just got awesome

We’re convinced you can enjoy your next night-in with the kids in the same room thanks to our portable blender and our blender recipes. It’s date night in disguise!

BlendJet is a fun way to rekindle cuddles on the couch while the kids camp out on the floor in the family room: think of it as a slumber party love fest. Making customized drinks in your cordless blender is a fun way to keep little imaginations captivated while keeping big romance alive. 

Date Night with the Kids (Yes, Really) 

The BlendJet and Netflix make for two fun date night ideas at home. In addition to your BlendJet and Netflix, you’ll need popcorn, sleeping bags, and the kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste with cups full of water so they can rinse and fall asleep without having to get up to go to the bathroom.

After dinner, dim the lights and create a campout with pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags on the floor in front of the television. Using BlendJet outside of the kitchen is so much fun and will definitely give the kiddos a bright distraction. You want to make the environment soooo comfy your littles will get heavy lids and eventually nod off. 

With this goal in mind, add a hint of fresh lavender to turn any smoothie recipe into a sleepy smoothie, or put a few drops of lavender essential oil on their pillows to help promote shut-eye. Devote the first hour to their favorite shakes (sprinkles optional) and a cartoon-a-thon. Bonus points for letting them make their own drinks since that’s proven to make them think they’re even more delicious.

Staying-In Date Night Ideas 

After they’ve fallen asleep and you’ve won the remote, it’s time to break out the cocktails and candles. Try this delicious cranberry martini recipe. Simply blend quietly and pour over optional ice cubes. Quiet kisses encouraged!  What a fun way to catch up on holding hands and watching your favorite shows, and you can do it while keeping an eye on the kids. We’re finding so many fun ways to make the most of 2020. Stronger together, right? 

BlendJet & Chill:  Shows + Shakes (and Other Blender Recipes) We Love

Pairings For Kids

Avatar: The Last Airbender + Cadbury Cream Milkshake 

My Little Pony + Unicorn Smoothie

Pairings For Adults

Tiger King + Tropical Blue Pina Colada

Love Is Blind + Dalgona Fluffy Coffee

Riverdale + Citrus Rum Punch

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