Kiwi Smoothie

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The tropical allure of kiwi, coupled with its sweet yet tangy flavor, makes it a favorite addition to fruit salads and now, to our delightful smoothies.

2 minutes

1 serving

( 2 servings)

Kiwi Smoothie

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The tropical allure of kiwi, coupled with its sweet yet tangy flavor, makes it a favorite addition to fruit salads and now, to our delightful smoothies.

2 minutes

1 serving

( 2 servings)

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  • chopped kiwi fruit (frozen)

    6 oz

  • unsweetened plain/Greek yogurt

    3 oz

  • buttermilk

    2 oz

  • ice cubes


  • 1 serving 2 servings

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    1. Clean blender first
    2. Charge using USB cable
    3. Align arrows, add liquids, then solids
    4. Blend for 20 sec or more
    5. Clean after each use
    6. Enjoy a refreshing kiwi smoothie!
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    Delicious and Nutritious

    Kiwi Smoothie Benefits

    The kiwi fruit, known for aiding individuals with cholesterol concerns, hypertension, type II diabetes, and osteoporosis, adds to the multitude of health benefits of this quick and easily-prepared smoothie.

    The Magic of Kiwi

    The abundance of vitamins in kiwis, especially vitamin C, E, and K, along with high fiber content, not only supports your digestive health but is also linked to the prevention of several medical conditions. The fruit's consumption is known to increase 'good cholesterol' while reducing harmful blood triglycerides, decreasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. 

    For a vitamin C boost, a kiwi and blueberry smoothie is a great option. Or, try our avocado and kiwi smoothie for enhanced heart and bone health.

    Kiwi Smoothie Substitutions

    Life’s a breeze with a BlendJet 2, even when you have to switch things up in your smoothie recipes. Can't find kiwi or looking to add a twist to your kiwi smoothie? No worries! We've got a list of super easy, BlendJet-friendly substitutions that still promise a delicious and nutritious treat.

    1. Green Grapes: If you're out of kiwi, green grapes make an excellent alternative. They've got a similar tangy-sweet flavor and keep your smoothie's color vibrant. Just remember to freeze them first to get that perfect BlendJet smoothie consistency.
    2. Green Apples: Want to keep things green but add a new flavor profile? Green apples bring a crisp, tart flavor that pairs wonderfully with the other fruits in your smoothie.
    3. Strawberries: For a different color and a punch of sweetness, try swapping kiwi with strawberries. They blend beautifully in your BlendJet and add a lovely reddish-pink hue to your drink.
    4. Mango: Dreaming of tropical vibes? Substitute kiwi with mango. You’ll get a creamier texture and a sweet, tropical taste that'll transport you straight to a beach holiday.
    5. Pineapple: Another tropical favorite, pineapple offers a tantalizing tangy-sweet flavor. Plus, it's packed with Vitamin C, just like kiwi!
    6. Spinach: If you're looking to boost the nutrition but keep the green, try adding a handful of spinach. It's packed with iron and vitamins, and its mild flavor won't overpower your smoothie.

    Remember, the beauty of a BlendJet smoothie is its versatility and convenience. You can always adapt to your preferences, dietary needs, or whatever you have in the kitchen. Stay creative and keep blending!

    Kiwi Smoothie (FAQs)

    Can Kiwi Fruits Be Found in the US?

    Kiwi fruits, native to China and majorly produced in New Zealand, are globally grown, including the United States. They are available throughout the year, although their price may vary depending on the season.

    Is the Fuzzy Skin of Kiwi Fruit Safe in Smoothies?

    While the fuzzy skin of kiwi might seem unappetizing, it's completely safe to consume, and it contributes to your daily fiber intake. Ensure you rinse the fruit thoroughly before using it.

    Can Kiwi Fruit Smoothies Trigger Allergic Reactions?

    Though quite rare, a few individuals might experience minor tingling or itchiness in their mouth and throat after consuming kiwi. If you're trying kiwi for the first time and are concerned about potential allergies, start with a small piece before incorporating it into a smoothie. Note that fruit allergies constitute about 10% of all food allergies.

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