BlendJet One Tips

How to Use Your BlendJet Blender

BlendJet was designed to be fun and easy to use. Check out our tips below on how to maximize your experience!

  • First Use

    First Use

    BlendJet comes partially charged at purchase, so you can give the blender a quick clean before plugging in for a full charge.

  • Start with Liquid

    Start with Liquid

    Always start by adding a liquid (like water, milk, or juice). This will make blending easy.

  • Basic Blend

    Basic Blend

    After you’ve added your liquid, toss in the rest of your smoothie ingredients (or ingredients for whatever you are making) and blend!

  • Advanced Blend

    Advanced Blend

    For maximum power, you can start the BlendJet upside down and allow the blades to get up to their full RPMs before blending.

  • Cutting Fruit

    Cutting Fruit

    Cutting your fruit or other smoothie ingredients into small chunks will allow for the smoothest possible blend.

  • Blending Ice

    Blending Ice

    Start with plenty of liquid, add ice, and blend!

  • Strainer


    BlendJet features a built-in strainer to help keep your beverages, and other concoctions, chunk-free.

  • Don’t Overload

    Don’t Overload

    Never overload your BlendJet with ingredients. Leave a little room at the top.

  • Hot Liquids

    Hot Liquids

    We do not recommend putting hot liquids that are over 120° F / 49°C into the BlendJet, as this may cause damage, including leaks, to the jar and base.

  • Avoid Running While Empty

    Avoid Running While Empty

    Do not run the BlendJet when the jar is empty to avoid burning out the motor.

  • Keep Hands Out

    Keep Hands Out

    Never put your hands inside the BlendJet or touch the blades with your fingers.

  • Safety Feature

    Safety Feature

    The built-in safety feature prevents the blades from spinning when the jar is detached.

  • Easy to Clean

    Easy to Clean

    Cleaning is easy. Just add a drop of soap, water, blend, and rinse.

  • Deep Cleaning

    Deep Cleaning

    Deep clean the BlendJet periodically. The lid and strainer can be separated, and the jar can be removed from the base. There are silicone o-rings in the lid, strainer, and base. The o-rings should be removed for a more thorough clean and left out long enough for each part to fully air dry. Be careful to avoid getting water in the charging port.

  • Drying


    Remove and separate the lid and strainer to let the BlendJet air dry after cleaning.

  • Regular Jam

    Regular Jam

    If the blades are jammed, simply flip the blender upside down, give it a quick shake and turn it on. Then, turn it right-side up so that your ingredients hit all 6 blades at full speed.

  • Advanced Jam

    Advanced Jam

    If the BlendJet is jammed and the Regular Jam solution doesn’t fix it, flip it upside down and twist off the base to remove whatever has blocked the blades. Then, twist the base back on, align the base correctly, and start blending.

  • Red & Blue Flashing Lights

    Red & Blue Flashing Lights

    Red and blue flashing lights mean the jar is not aligned with the base. To fix this, screw the jar clockwise into the base until the arrow on the jar lines up with the arrow on the base. As a safety precaution, there are magnets on the jar, which must be aligned, or the blades won’t spin.

  • Solid Red Light

    Solid Red Light

    The light turns red when the BlendJet needs to be charged. Charge the blender with any USB port, and the light will turn blue once it is fully charged.

  • Jar Magnet Alignment

    Jar Magnet Alignment

    As a safety precaution, there are magnets in the jar and base of the BlendJet, which must be aligned, or the blades won’t spin. Make sure the arrow on the front of the jar is aligned with the arrow on the front of the base.

If you want to know more about how to use your BlendJet, or what ingredients you can use to make delicious smoothies and more, go to our Recipes page!