The Best Smoothie Ingredients of 2020

Light purple BlendJet on a counter surrounded by fruit and hemp seeds

A focus on sustainability — and a healthy curiosity about the origin of food — is fueling the push for cleaner, healthier, and more delicious smoothie ingredients. Ask any smoothie or juice bar: Pistachio milk is having its moment. Hemp is the new chia when it comes to seeds. And everyone is obsessed with plant-based everything. Yes, the food industry has trends. And like your skinny jeans, these four (below) aren’t going anywhere soon.  Check out our roundup of the best smoothie ingredients based on 2020 healthy food trends. They’ll help you create more nutritious smoothies and shakes at home and on the go with your portable BlendJet blender.

  1. Prebiotics and probiotics help your body maintain a healthy microbiome. Both contain bacteria that support a “community” of healthy gut microbes. To make a gut-healthy shake, try Kefir or add a probiotic shot made from a base of coconut water or vegetables.

  2. Superfood Powders such as matcha, turmeric, and cinnamon give you an extra boost of energy, antioxidants, and vegan protein. Organic superfood mixes are the perfect way to boost your immunity and your day.

  3. Plant-based milk is big right now, from potassium-rich banana milk to walnut milk, hazelnut milk, pecan milk, pistachio milk, and flaxseed milk, the options are plentiful. And very helpful for anyone with an allergy to almond and soy milk. Oat milk has fiber because of the way it’s processed and about half of the protein of soy or cow’s milk. It is fortified with calcium rivaling milk. Read the product labels if you have gluten sensitivity. Not all oat products are gluten-free. Also on our radar: lactose-free cottage cheese (great in smoothie bowls), kefir, and yogurt.

  4. Hemp seeds pack a wallop of plant-based protein. And hemp leaves are the new leafy-green veggie that can be juiced in your BlendJet to take your shakes to the next level.

Have you incorporated any of our best smoothie ingredients into your recipes? If you’re looking for a way to start, check out our Prebiotic Probiotic Smoothie, sure to get your day off on the right foot.

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