Start a Healthy Smoothie Habit

Start a Healthy Smoothie Habit

Make Your Shake Your Sanctuary

Making a habit of healthy smoothies can help you make better choices all day. It’s a simple secret for success, right up there with making your bed every day when you wake up. 

It’s possible your first shake of the day may be the most important. The way you start each day can majorly impact your mood —  and your achievements. Having a routine can create a sense of comfort, calm, and accomplishment that sets you up for success.

Our cordless, portable blender began with a mission to keep your energy high all the time. Not only does BlendJet, The Original Portable Blender®, help you create order by eating at the same time every day, but it will keep you focused on your goals.

Use it to escape the confines of the kitchen and enjoy a healthy shake or smoothie, anywhere. Here are a few BlendJet 2 smoothie recipes and ideas to power your routine:

Jet Through Your Workout 

Keep BlendJet 2 with you at the gym so your stomach doesn’t rumble during savasana, and you feel replenished after lifting. The compact, lightweight, and durable design was built to spin itself clean — simply rinse-and-spin it in a locker room sink. It’s easy to stash this portable fitness blender in your bag to help optimize muscle repair. If you’re building bulk, the best time to consume a protein shake is within 30 to 45 minutes after your workout. Try this tasty workout-booster.

Jet Through Your Projects

It’s too easy to sit at a desk all day feeling lethargic. Having a reason to look forward to mid-day breaks will remind you to take them and this sweet treat definitely does the trick. If you work from home, remember to rest your eyes and reward yourself with chocolate! Stepping outside can inspire meditative moments that provide an instant energy boost, so don’t forget to take your BlendJet 2 with you. We designed it so you can safely sip directly from the jar. 

Jet Through Your Classes

Stuck at a desk taking an online course? Sneak in a shake. When it comes to the best healthy smoothie recipes, you can mix a premade JetPack smoothie with yogurt, almond milk, protein powder, or toppings. If you’re overdue for a grocery store run and the cupboards are bare, all you need to add is cold water to turn your JetPack into a delicious, creamy smoothie. The secret is freeze-dried fruit! Try this energy-enhancing recipe with immunity-boosting benefits. 

Try more of our BlendJet 2 smoothie recipes, and be sure to share your own! Let’s all start a healthy smoothie habit...together! 

Our BlendJet smoothie recipes make it easy for you to start a healthy smoothie habit. Find out BlendJet’s best healthy smoothie recipes in this blog.
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