Shakes To Silence A Growling Stomach

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Easy recipes that will keep your stomach quiet.

Does the sound of your stomach make you blush? We’ve got a shake for that! Stomach growling is natural and bound to happen, but making a shake on the go can help you quiet a gurgling tummy. It’s one of many benefits of your BlendJet portable blender.

Stomach growling can occur after you’ve just eaten and when you haven’t eaten in a few hours. That’s the soundtrack of your body doing its job to digest food and push gastric juice through your gastrointestinal tract.  Your body is making room for your next meal.

If your belly rumbles at the most inconvenient times —  in class or during important meetings with very serious people (who probably make you nervous, which doesn’t help) — never fear, there are things you can do to stop the growl. Number one, don’t be embarrassed. The body is a miraculous machine and these things happen! Check out these top nutrition tips for improving your digestion:

Eat more regularly ... but don’t overeat. Carry small, healthy snacks or a portable blender with you at all times. We recommend taking a BlendJet everywhere to make  shakes that keep you full. Ready-to-blend Protein JetPacks are a great way to stay satisfied without feeling weighed down and they keep you hydrated throughout the day. Nuts, dried fruit, crackers and celery sticks are healthy options as well.

Drink more water. If your tummy is rumbling and food is out of sight, sip some water to help fill your stomach and muffle the sound. Room temperature water, rather than the ice-cold stuff, is more soothing and less startling to a sensitive stomach.

Sip and chew slowly. If you eat like a vacuum, talk a lot while you chew, or stuff food into your mouth so fast while slouched over a desk under stress, you are likely consuming copious amounts of air. Air makes noise. 

Walk more. It helps to take a moderate walk after you eat and exercising regularly can help beat bloat. You can take your portable blender with you.

Limit gas-making foods. That means cheese, beans, fast food and soda. Google the things you love and see if they are triggering you.

Limit sugar and indigestible foods. For example, fruit that’s unripe or has a thick skin is difficult for your stomach to break down. Examples of foods that are hard on your digestive system: apples, pears and broccoli. Instead, try blending soft fruits like banana, mango and berries. Yogurt and kefir make great, stomach-soothing shake ingredients as well.

Eat more protein. Make a protein shake first thing in the morning, or prepare some whole wheat toast, eggs and breakfast meat to feel full until lunch. Try this delicious protein breakfast shake recipe to stay full all day.

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