Road-Tripping Right with Your BlendJet

variety of BlendJets in various color lined up outside in nature

The BlendJet 2 cordless blender is the ultimate road trip companion! From quick excursions to grand adventures, our rechargeable blender makes blending on the go a breeze. If a blender isn’t on your list of must-bring travel items, you simply haven’t tried the BlendJet 2! Enjoy fresh smoothies, shakes, and meal replacements anywhere. It’s great for preparing baby food for the little passengers too. 

Add a Touch of Deliciousness to Long Car Rides

It’s no secret that food and drink options are limited when you’re on the open road. The BlendJet 2 lets you make your own delicious (and healthy) concoctions whenever the mood strikes. Skip the gas station sodas and treat the whole family to mouthwatering smoothies packed with goodness. With our cordless blender, you’re only limited to your imagination.

Sip Frozen Cocktails in the Hotel Room

Tired of paying a fortune at the minibar? Transform your hotel room into your own personal cocktail lounge! Our portable blender is absolutely perfect for making frozen margaritas, piña coladas, daiquiris, and so much more. Besides being convenient, the BlendJet 2 can save you a fortune on drinks. The BlendJet 2 makes family-friendly virgin drinks too! There’s something so special about sipping a frozen beverage while you’re on vacation. Savor the magic. 

Enjoy Blended Drinks in the Great Outdoors

Our cordless blender can make 8-12 drinks on a single charge, so it’s ideal for all-day outdoor excursions. Pack a cooler and spend the day sipping frozen libations on the beach, or bring your BlendJet 2 out on the hiking trails so you can prep refreshing beverages on your breaks. You can sip your creations directly from the BlendJet 2, and it’s lightweight and compact enough to fit comfortably in your backpack.  

Tailgate in Style

The BlendJet 2 battery-operated blender is absolutely perfect for pre and post-event celebrations. From sports games to festivals to concerts, you’re sure to be the star of the show with the BlendJet 2 — at least until the doors open. Our cordless blender is incredibly quiet, so you won’t have to share unless you want to! It’s super easy to clean too. Just add a drop of soap and a bit of water and blend.

Stay Cool by the Pool

If your idea of a good time is soaking up the sun by the pool, you’re going to adore the BlendJet 2! It’s water-resistant, so don’t stress if it gets splashed or even submerged. Available in 16 crush-worthy colors, the BlendJet 2 battery-operated blender looks as good as it works. Mixing drinks by the pool is a vibe everyone deserves to experience, so treat yourself!

Get Your BlendJet 2 Now

Join the revolution! Our cordless blender is backed by our 30-day guarantee. If you don’t love it, send it back for a full refund. We provide fast and FREE 2-day shipping, so order yours now. Once you’ve road-tripped with our rechargeable blender, you’ll never want to leave home without it. Browse our recipes for ideas to get you started, but don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Get yours today, and make your next trip an unforgettable experience!

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