Picnic Picks: Easy BlendJet Summer Recipes

A hand holding BlendJet 2 under blue sky

What to blend for the perfect outdoor gathering.

We’re making the most of summer weather by hosting endless outdoor picnics with our BlendJet portable blender.

We love a good restaurant but it’s a new era and having a picnic is now permanently popular, indoors and out, year-round. Think lunch on a blanket in a vineyard under the stars, potluck at the park or pool, even blending at the beach! Eating and drinking is by far the best part of any BlendJet picnic (check out our make-ahead recipes below), but we’ve got a ton of ideas for having all kinds of fun al fresco. 

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The Best Summer Picnic Ideas With Your BlendJet

  1. Go somewhere there’s plenty of people watching. Trust us, people will be coming up to you asking about your BlendJet portable blender. 

  2. Bring balloons and play board games, everything’s more fun on a blanket!

  3. Take your fishing rods to the water. See if you can find a creek with crawdads, tie some string around some sandwich meat and catch a live one.

  4. Play a game of tag or hide-and-seek. 

  5. Have a scavenger hunt and hide prizes in the trees and under rocks. There’s nothing like winning a camo-printed BlendJet you find on a random log in the forest. 

  6. Bring music! Shake it while you’re making a shake, what a concept!

  7. Pack a separate basket full of dessert and eat in leisurely courses, instead of all at once.

  8. Dress up. Who says you can’t make it fancy and candlelit under the stars?

  9. Hiking? Pack your picnic and blanket in your backpack and let the wind lead. Finding the perfect place to land and then laying down a blanket is an adventure in itself.

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