Make Magic: The Unicorn Smoothie

Make a shake and a wish

Make a shake and a wish — legend has it our mystical unicorn smoothie recipe can make your wildest dreams come true. Get ready to pull this BlendJet breakfast adventure out of the fridge the next time your child says “I’m bored.”  


Fit this fun lesson in alchemy and good energy into your a.m. at-home schooling routine. Nourishing their little imaginations will help them become movers, shakers, and makers as adults. 

A Breakfast Curriculum 

So here’s the breakfast curriculum:

Bust out your BlendJet and ask the kiddos what a unicorn is, exactly. Ancient artists gave the world hope for a pure white creature with one long, tapering horn growing straight out of its forehead. But where did the horn come from? [Ask the kids to insert their own conclusions here]. Which animals does it most resemble? Rhino, horse, or maybe goat? [Here’s where you have the kids draw their own version on paper]. And what about unicorn dinosaurs? They make great bedtime stories. [Invite them to write their own.]

Now onto our unicorn smoothie, which gets its gorgeous color and delicious tartness from our ready-to-blend Raspberry Dragon Fruit JetPack. It’s magic in a cup. And yes, you can totally use edible glitter. Serve with pancake cereal and eggs to take it over the top.

Pair a unicorn smoothie with a tasty breakfast and a fun homeschool lesson. Learn more about how to teach the perfect “Breakfast Curriculum” in this blog.
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