Inspiring & Creative Recipes for Your Portable Blender

Multicolor BlendJet 2 with fruit

The most popular BlendJet recipes ever made.

A guide to our no-fail flavor faves! Enjoy the most popular and unusual BlendJet portable blender recipes of all time, from salad dressing to desserts.

BlendJet has an easy-to-make, plant-based recipe for every taste bud, from savory dressings to sweet desserts. You can even create a healthy and delicious carrot cake batter that you can pop in the oven and frost with your favorite icing. So flawless and fluffy .. and maybe a little unexpected! The blendabilities are truly endless. 

Everyone’s favorite way to use a BlendJet is to fuel up and take on the day. Check out these fast and commuter-friendly breakfast recipes you can make in your portable blender. These nutrient infusions promise to keep you satisfied and energized for hours. 

Owning a BlendJet will forever change the way you happy hour, enjoy boozy drinks on a budget, or tailgate in a stadium parking lot. Check out the most popular cocktail recipes for your BlendJet portable blender. 

Want to dress up your next dinner? Check out our top-liked, history-making dips, salad dressings, salsas and sauces for your portable blender. You can make most of them at the last minute if you’ve got the ingredients we list in detail, or make your own edits to these incredible edibles!

We created the original portable blender so you can make anything your heart desires, anywhere in the world, even if you have the world’s busiest schedule. Most of our recipes are created by top nutritionists, foodies and bloggers but some of the most popular BlendJet recipes of all time come from creators like you! Join our Facebook Recipes Page for infinite blending ideas made by the people. Or simply have a question? Ask away!


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