How To Use a Portable Blender for Weight Loss

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Maximize your metabolism & stave off cravings

Drop a few pounds and ward off unhealthy cravings — that’s a familiar goal, right? If you’re trying to lose weight for the long term, it’s important not to deprive yourself while staying nourished. Missing meals can stress your metabolism, sabotage your weight loss efforts and drain your energy. Our solution? Healthy smoothies on the go. Honestly, we’ve found a way to make smoothies the answer to everything by creating BlendJet, a portable blender that’s as easy to operate as it is to clean, anywhere

Resist Fast Foods & Sugary Snacks With The Perfect Smoothie

Healthy smoothies — and we’re talking about the kind you make yourself — promise to leave you feeling fuller than pressed juice because they have more substance. They’re a convenient way to get your recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables because they maintain natural fiber even after they’re blended. This helps sustain your energy during the day and also aids with digestion. Owning a BlendJet is so much smarter and more cost effective than making a pit stop at the smoothie bar, where smoothies contain hidden calories. BlendJet portable blender will help you make healthier choices and resist greasy fast food and sugar-filled snacks. Want to start dropping pounds the smart way? Replace one or two meals with one of our nourishing BlendJet smoothie recipes.

Make Weight Loss Shakes With Your Portable Blender

Pairing your portable blender with weight-loss shakes or meal replacement shakes helps simplify the decisions you need to make about what to eat during the day. If you’ve ever made a weight loss smoothie ahead of time with your kitchen blender,  you know the components can separate as the hours pass, leaving you with a clumpy beverage that needs to be refrigerated until you consume it. Our portable blender and insulated accessories allow you to keep ingredients fresh and blend when you are ready to drink. And you can drink directly from the jar.  Making a Keto smoothie on the go with your BlendJet portable blender is a convenient way to get fuel you need for your best body.

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