How To Use a Portable Blender for Muscle Gain

Blending fruits with BlendJet in fitness club

How to use a portable blender for muscle gain

Build your best body by consuming foods that help create lean muscle and stave off weight gain.

Want to look more defined? Harness the power of a portable blender. Toning up your body is about more than hitting the gym, it’s important to consume nutrient-dense foods that build lean muscle and boost blood flow. Herein, a few of our favorite ideas for using your portable blender to build mega muscle without a lot of effort. 

Kale & Spinach

These leafy greens contain anti-inflammatory Vitamin K and lots of iron, which helps boost your endurance and intensify your gym sessions. It’s easy to add kale or spinach to your fruit-and-banana smoothies. They add texture and you’ll barely taste their stealth presence when you use BlendJet’s Pulse Mode (food processing mode)  

Hemp Seeds & Chia Seeds

Rich in fatty acids and fiber, these seeds will help you look chiseled and feel satisfied. Hemp seeds are rich in amino acids, which give muscles power and tone and help burn fat. They also encourage glowing skin, hair and nails, so sprinkle them on top of your shakes, salads and smoothies liberally.

Cottage Cheese 

Cottage cheese boasts muscle-building power thanks to casein, a slow-digesting dairy protein that makes blood amino acid levels rise. Live cultures help you break down and absorb nutrients you need to grow muscle. Add a scoop of cottage cheese to your favorite smoothie bowl and eat it up with a spoon.


Fun fact: lentils are inexpensive, have a long shelf-life and can be used in a number of recipes. Make a dip with your portable blender or sprinkle them over a BlendJet salad.


Certain fats help fight belly fat, and avocado is our favorite. It’s rich in flavor, potassium and oleic fatty acids. Plus, it helps your body absorb nutrients. Blend up some guac in your portable blender.  


Berries are sweet at warding off unwanted fat. These super-antioxidants help minimize inflammation and joint pain while making your muscle-building shake taste good. Like many of the foods listed above, it’s easier to consume more of them in one sitting when you blend them up into drinkable form. Add a handful of any berry combination to any shake and you’ve got a no-fail recipe. A mix of fresh fruit and frozen fruit keeps things interesting. 

Greek Yogurt

If you want to build lean muscle, switch to plain, full-fat greek yogurt. It’s highest in nutrients and good for muscles and bones because it’s an excellent source of protein, calcium and vitamin D,


Declared a superfood, watermelon boosts your body’s production of regenerative proteins. These build muscle and can help reduce the level of muscle soreness after a workout. Blend watermelon with vanilla ice cream as a special reward for your lean muscle workout. 


Your best breakfast shake starts with a banana. Bananas are the ultimate fuel and belong in every shake and smoothie. Rich in glucose, a highly digestible sugar, they provide instant energy, also making them the perfect pre-workout snack. Pair a banana with any of the aforementioned lean muscle foods to make a delicious shake in seconds. 

Protein JetPack Smoothies

Cupboards bare? No time for a grocery story run? BlendJet portable blender makes high-protein, muscle-building smoothies delicious without having to add banana or peanut butter. Protein JetPack Smoothies come in creative flavor combinations that you’ll really enjoy. Simply add your favorite milk and have a delicious protein shake in seconds. 

Break your protein shake rut!

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