Halloween at Home: Party Tricks & Treats

BlendJet 2 in front of a scarecrow family

If you can’t go out for Halloween this year, opt for Halloween at home — eat, drink, and be scary! The trick is to set the scene in a way that a family of all ages can enjoy. Recipes we love: frozen banana ghosts that lil’ goblins love to gobble up and our black magic margaritas that call for…well, plenty of potent boos.

If you’re catering strictly to little kids, keep things light and have plenty of quarantine candy on hand. The good news is if you don’t have to supply treats for the whole neighborhood, you can splurge on bigger indulgences or set aside time to make your own (think candied apples or cotton candy). It’s the year of the mask — so creating your own can be an activity in itself. Get creative with your Halloween at home celebration with a craft buffet or kick things off with a mummy-making or pumpkin-carving contest to instigate some friendly sibling rivalry. Have a fireplace? Roast marshmallow ghosts.

If you’re doing it up without children present, creep up your Halloween at home festivities and make the house unexpectedly haunted with a good prank or two. Get out the gore, faux cobwebs, candles, and party pumpkins and use these details to decorate your bar counter, tabletop, bathroom, or any high-traffic area of your home. Try spiders to garnish your drinks (the fake kind, of course). 

Serve up soup in a cauldron smoking with dry ice, turn on Thriller, and dance like Michael J’s watching or simply use this much-needed holiday as an excuse to let go and be someone other than yourself for a hot minute — we could all use a little costume therapy.

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