Game Day Drinks: Cocktails for Your At-Home Tailgate

American football on a field for game day drinks

There’s just something about tailgating with family and friends in the parking lot before a big game that makes for the perfect weekend. But who says tailgating at home has to be any less satisfying? The couch will always be the next best thing to being there. And, on the bright side, you can break out the top-shelf liquor for your game day drinks without watching it get devoured in seconds by a crowd before you get a taste. 

Stacked grill? Check. Stacked cooler? Bring on the cocktails. We’ve created an assortment of recipes for easy-to-make game day drinks that could work for your Super Bowl party or any casual cookout. If you’ve got a screen, a team to root for, and our no-fail, make-anywhere blender recipes, you’ve got the spirit. 



Frozen Lemonade

Watermelon Slushie

All you need is a BlendJet and a Foreman grill to transform your family room, backyard, driveway, or wherever into a private tailgater. Or go crazy with the trappings. Try a tailgating tent in the cul-de-sac, along with balloons in team colors. Fill the air with BBQ smoke and turn up the tunes. As long as there is football there will always be fun.

What are your go-to game day drinks? Do you have a recipe of your own to share? Let us know!

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