BlendJet 2 Can Even Make a Smoothie in Space


Where to Take Your Portable Blender

Make a shake anywhere in the world, even space

We made a shake in space to prove a powerful point: BlendJet 2 lets you escape the confines of the kitchen and blend up something fresh and delicious anywhere in the world, or … beyond. Our cordless portable blender is a  great way to stay on track with health goals and have fun, anywhere. It’s the ultimate cordless companion. Not only can you get creative with recipes, you can get creative with where and when you blend. BlendJet is quiet and convenient so there’s no limit to what you might blend up on a moving bus, in a hushed library or while your baby is sleeping.

Let BlendJet’s wild journey into space be your summer adventure inspiration. Where in the world will you blend next with your cordless blender? If you want to avoid crowds and have an experience that’s a little less everyday and a little more one-of-a- kind, we recommend heading off the beaten path. Although you may not be ready for Mars, we’ve created a list of ideas for where to blend with friends and fam (or simply solo!) to make more out-of-this-world memories.


Take a front row seat with a view to a city skyline or a beautiful sunset. A rooftop is the perfect excuse for a BlendJet-made cocktail, or one of the delicious dip recipes we love. Think hummus, guac or salsa and chips and crackers. Fresh strawberries lend a romantic feel at dusk.


Ask any mountain climber, a fully charged BlendJet can make a protein-fueled shake on a remote mountaintop. The best part? Cold ingredients stay cold and you’ll never run out of ice on Mt. Everest (wink, wink). If you don’t have a mammoth mountain nearby, try a hilltop.

Outdoor Music Festival

Many cities have outdoor music nights in the summer, so you don’t have to go far to enjoy a BYO (bring your own) outdoor feast. There will probably be a hot dog stand nearby for you to enjoy, but BlendJet empowers you to make fresh food for baby on the go, which feels so good.


There are typically rustic picnic tables set amongst the rolling hills and twisting vines. You know what goes with wine? The perfect salad, and you can make the dressing on the fly with your BlendJet.

Bike Trails

Hop off your bike and huddle next to the trail, under a bridge or by a creek. Peddle until you find the perfect space and pull out your portable blender to make a shake or have a picnic. Anything goes!

P.S. The insulated BlendJet tote makes the ultimate picnic backpack keeping ingredients fresh and cold.

Let our wild space launch inspire your summer adventure. Here’s how to get creative and blend anywhere in the world.
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