Be Mine, Quaran-tine

Be Mine, Quaran-tine

Are you looking for some stay at home Valentine’s ideas to share with that special someone in your life? BlendJet has you covered! Let’s be honest—Valentine's Day has never been the easiest day for dining out. Reservations are booked, expectations are high, and prix fixe menus are so…not our vibe.

If you’ve always avoided the chaos, you probably have the stay-at-home holiday thing down. For the rest of us, there’s still hope. Use your BlendJet 2 to come up with endless ideas for Valentine’s dates at home. Mix, match, and master these wildly creative suggestions with minimal effort.

Camp Out in a Love Nest

Kisses are so much yummier in the crisp air. Throw a love fest in a love nest! This is one of the best stay at home Valentine’s ideas for couples who love camping, but anyone will appreciate a magical fort for two. All you need is a tent, pillows, blankets, and some little white lights to make the backyard a very cuddly place. Or, consider escaping to the mountains with your BlendJet portable blender. You can make a delicious shake anywhere with Ready-To-Blend JetPack Smoothies

Share an Indoor Picnic With All the Fixin’s

Floor your significant other. Lay down a blanket in the middle of the living room and have an indoor picnic with candles, champagne, finger foods, and our favorite homemade dipping sauces. It’s much more fun to play footsie laying down, without the table. The details go a long way when it comes to stay at home Valentine’s ideas, so don’t forget the trail of rose petals leading to the magic.

Treat Yourselves to a Chocolate Feast

Host a milkshake bar for the whole fam and go wild with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, and chocolate chips. Top with a grated candy bar. Check out the best shows and movies to complement your homemade shake recipes.

Enjoy Breakfast in Bed

Last in our series of ideas for Valentine’s dates at home is the classic breakfast in bed, only with a fun twist. Indulge in a BlendJet breakfast, complete with mimosas, pancakes, cereal, and maybe even some homemade jam for your toast. After all, it’s the special little touches like that that make stay at home Valentine’s ideas turn into memories to cherish forever.

Looking for stay at home Valentine’s ideas to share with that special someone? Try these fun Valentine’s dates at home with your BlendJet portable blender!
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