5 Reasons Athletes Love BlendJet Portable Blender

BlendJet 2 in treadmill cup holder

Make a performance-enhancing shake anywhere.

Athletes expend more energy than the average person and the right shake on the go can power up performance and help with muscle soreness.

Athletes and their coaches are among the biggest fans of BlendJet portable blender. Some drink a nutritious, energizing BlendJet shake before or after a game in place of a whole meal. And BlendJet lets them make it on the go! Here are the top 5 reasons athletes love a portable blender, in no particular order:

1 Make an energizing shake anywhere.

BlendJet is life-changing and quite literally game-changing for anyone who wants to live a high-powered life, from runners and long-distance swimmers to mountain climbers, weightlifters and football stars. Our portable blender lets you make a shake at the gym, on a mountaintop, on the field, or in a locker room, as long as you arrive with your BlendJet portable blender fully charged. Or simply watch a game from the stands with your favorite blend in hand. BlendJet is water-resistant for all weather.

2 Tote BlendJet in your sport bag.

BlendJet portable blender is impressively lightweight and has a lock setting so you can throw it in your bag without worrying about accidentally hitting the power button. Upgrade your bag with BlendJet sleeve or tote, which are spacious but compact and insulated to keep your favorite blending ingredients fresh and cool. 

3 Clean BlendJet with convenience.To clean your BlendJet on the go, all that’s required is a quick soap-and-water rinse and the push of the power button. One spin and you’re sparkling. This makes toting it around town that much more convenient.

4 It’s quiet, so you won’t disrupt your teammates.

Go ahead, try it anywhere. BlendJet portable blender doesn’t make the noise that traditional blenders do. And you can always take it in the other room or go outside if you choose to crush ice. 

5 BlendJet is changing the protein game. 

 BlendJet reinvents protein shakes with ready-to-blend Protein JetPacks. They are ready to drink without refrigeration, with nothing but the addition of your favorite milk. These easy shakes are also delicious with yogurt, fresh fruit and toppings. They’re quick and satisfying, and perfect to take on a hike.

Many athletes don’t like feeling stuffed when they’re in action, and BlendJet shakes are an ideal way to fuel up before a game, run or climb. They will make you feel full and satisfied without a sluggish feeling. Winning, right?!

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