10 Ways To Fall For Your BlendJet

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Where to take your portable blender for some fall fun

Summer may be fleeting, but not the feeling! Here at BlendJet HQ, we haven’t even finished our margarita yet and we’re already looking forward to pumpkin spice lattes

Cooler weather means heartier ingredients that comfort and soothe. Fall ingredients are among our favorites for making soups, salads, sauces, coffee drinks and desserts with BlendJet. As the season officially turns to fall, make big plans to take your portable blender everywhere. Or make no plans and go wherever those gusty autumn winds take you — you’ll be ready for anything if your blender is fully charged and your insulated accessories are chilled. Our shake-obsessed team has a few suggestions for having some fall fun with your BlendJet portable blender:

Music Concerts

As many concerts become rescheduled, people are rekindling their love of large events. 

Your BlendJet may help you prevent the need to stand in a long line to get drinks. Worried about your neighbor? You won’t hear the whir of the quiet blades over the music. 

Pumpkin Patch & Apple Farm

Take your portable BlendJet with you while apple picking or pumpkin patch-ing, or simply bring the picked apples and pumpkins home to create your new favorite recipes. Apples and pumpkins can be crushed and blended when the skins are cut off and the fruit is cut into small pieces. Pulse mode is perfect for food processing (without seeds, of course).

Drive-In Movie Theater

It’s the season for scary movies and hot buttered popcorn. Curl up with your portable blender in a car, or host a tailgate with friends and fam before the show. There are so many on-the-go cocktail recipes you can master with minimal effort. And be sure to check out these shake recipes kids love.


If you can take your BlendJet on a walk, you can take it Trick-or-Treating with your crew.  We’ve yet to try blending candy, but if you come up with a recipe, let us know on our Facebook Recipes Page. What we know for certain is that grated chocolate is an excellent cocktail- or milkshake-topper. 

Hiking Trail At Dusk

There’s something indescribably magical about a cool night with leaves that have started to drop and change colors. Take more walks outside in the crisp fall air with your BlendJet portable blender. Stay warm with a cozy sweater and potent coffee drink. You can take your blender with you wherever you go and sip straight out of the jar. Our insulated tote and sleeve will keep your ingredients cold for hours so you can make a shake in the middle of nowhere with convenience. 


Like most things, roasting marshmallows and camping out in a tent is just better with BlendJet. ‘Nuf said.

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