TUSOL Wellness Organic Smoothie Mixes
Assorted Set of 5
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assorted set of 5

TUSOL Wellness Organic Smoothie Mixes

Assorted Set of 5

Product Rating: 5, with 4 reviews.

TUSOL Wellness Organic Smoothie Mixes

Assorted Set of 5

Product Rating: 5, with 4 reviews.

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Dive into pure, organic nourishment with TUSOL. The smoothies aren't just tasty; they're a fusion of lean nutrition and profound benefits. Low in the extras you don't want and amped up with the essentials—think high protein, fiber, and an ensemble of vitamins. Powered by 29+ age-old superfoods, every sip is designed for true results: invigorated energy, crystal-clear focus, and a happy, healthy gut. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.

Plant-Based Protein
Anxiety & Stress Relief
All Natural Superfood Ingredients
Long-lasting Energy
100% Organic
Supports Immunity and Digestion

Chocolate Shake: Fuel your day with vibrant energy. Banana Muffin: Sharpen your senses and zero in with focus. Berry Sorbet: Elevate your wellness journey for a balanced weight. Golden Mylk Latte: Fortify your defenses and boost immunity. Green Tea Ice Cream: Harmonize your system for optimal gut health.

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Unveiling the TUSOL Berry Sorbet Smoothie - a Maqui Berry + Acai extravaganza! A sip that's dripping in antioxidant abundance, here to shield you from oxidative stress, turn back the hands of time, and partner with vitamin C to jazz up that collagen production. The dynamic duo of chaga and maca – these powerhouses amp up each other's antioxidant prowess to celestial levels. And the harmony between sesame seeds and maca? It’s all about that hormone equilibrium. Here's to shining your brightest, one delicious berry-packed sip at a time! Cheers to youthful vigor!

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Step into the golden glow of wellness. Immerse yourself in the benefits of immunity boost, harmonized hormones, inflammation combat, and a weight management ally. The Turmeric + Coconut concoction doesn’t just walk the walk; it dances the wellness waltz. Feel the power as it drives inflammation away, bolstered by high-octane curcumin that means serious business. Ginger and cinnamon? They're not just here for the flavor. They join the party, enhancing cellular function and ensuring every sip is a step towards holistic health.

TUSOL Golden Mylk Latte

The Chocolate Shake. Sip Your Way to Elation with the Chocolate Shake Smoothie! Dive into the rich allure of Cacao, entwined with the brain-boosting magic of Lion’s Mane and Reishi. Beyond its sumptuous taste, this blend is a mood-lifting powerhouse. Crafted with handpicked ingredients known to ward off the blues, zap fatigue, and amp up immunity, every sip is a step towards a happier, more energized you.


Introducing the TUSOL Banana + Chaga Smoothie. Imagine biting into the most luscious banana muffin, that's what each sip feels like. Reap the rewards of enhanced focus, a memory like an elephant, and a decline in oxidative stress. For that extra zing, blend it up with your cherished milk and toss in your top-pick fruit. Cheers to a smarter you!

TUSOL Banana Muffin

The Green Tea Ice Cream Smoothie, drenched in the luscious notes of Matcha + Vanilla Smoothie flavors, isn't just a treat for your taste buds; it's a gentle hug for your gut. With every bite, embrace the calming forces of pumpkin seeds, matcha, and ashwagandha, all working in harmony to even out those pesky cortisol levels. A blend of prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes ensure your microbiome dances with delight. Bid adieu to bloat and say hello to holistic health with every creamy scoop. Cheers to indulgence with intent!


TUSOL's Masterly-Mixed Smoothies for are Peak Nutrition! Ever feel swamped in the sea of superfoods and supplements? Navigating the wellness world can feel like a full-time gig. Between deciphering which essentials suit you to breaking the bank on trendy tonics, it's a juggle! Enter our solution: Masterfully crafted smoothies, bursting with the superfood strength you've been seeking.


With every sip, indulge in a symphony of vitamins and minerals, tailored to pamper your body's every whim. No fuss, no confusion—just pure, delectable nourishment in a glass. Elevate your health game effortlessly, one smoothie at a time.

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TUSOL Smart Smoothies aren't just another sip on the shelf; they're a symphony of research-backed superfoods, thoughtfully curated for discerning palates and passionate souls seeking tangible results. A quintet of 5 potent blends stands as a testament to the melding of science and artistry. Each serving is a masterstroke, crafted under the watchful eyes and innovative flair of a 3 Michelin-Star Chef. Here's to a smarter, sumptuous way to nourish - Welcome to the TUSOL experience.

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At TUSOL, we're anchored by a core belief: Our bodies are astoundingly adept, naturally healing and flourishing when gifted the right nourishments. 'Your Sun', or as we like to call it, 'TUSOL', isn't just a name; it's a philosophy. It's about harnessing that inner sun, the vibrant energy that drives you, propels you. Our mission? To uplift spirits, nourish souls, and rekindle that radiant energy within, using the transformative power of finely-tuned nutrition. Dive into a TUSOL experience, where your wellness doesn't just evolve; it revolutionizes.

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