BJ2 - Early Access

$0.00 $79.95 Saving $79.95
Mint Blendjet Portable Blender

BJ2 - Early Access

$0.00 $79.95 Saving $79.95
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As a friend of the BlendJet family, you're invited to help test the latest and greatest from BlendJet.

We'll email you a PDF of the instructions that will come with the production version. Please review this before first use!

We'll do our best to accommodate the color choice you make.

This is a pre-production unit, so it may have minor issues that will be corrected with the final product.

We look forward to your feedback. Thank you!

By placing this order, you agree to keep this BlendJet product confidential until it is officially announced, and will not share any photos, videos, or other information about it before the official announcement. You also understand that this pre-production unit is on loan to you and may be recalled by BlendJet at any time. You may not sell, give away, or loan your unit to others without written permission from BlendJet.